Friday, April 29, 2016

The Top 3 Reasons you Must Look After your Teeth

There are a million and one reasons everyone needs to look after their teeth properly. However, a significant number of people still fail to attend regular check-ups with their dentist. That is something we need to change because poor oral hygiene can cause many other issues. The infographic I’ve published on this page could come in useful if you require advice on techniques. Even so, I wanted to highlight some problems you might face if you fail to take heed.

It’s Hard Enough To Find Love

Like it or not, bad teeth could make it more difficult for you to find a life partner. Your mouth is often the first place people focus their gaze when you strike up a conversation. If they see yellow teeth and smell bad breath, things aren’t going to work in your favour.

You’ll Develop Other Health Problems

People who don’t maintain good oral hygiene could develop other health issues in the future. For instance, it could contribute towards outbreaks of thrush and other infections. It could also increase the chances of you suffering from mouth cancer in later life.

Nobody Likes Bad Breath

Bad breath could impact your life in many different ways. We’ve already discussed how it could stop you from meeting someone special. However, it could also result in trouble finding work or maintaining a job.

Now you understand the implications of not looking after your teeth; I hope you will all take the issue a little more seriously. Just don’t forget to check the infographic for suggestions and advice. It contains all the information you could ever want to know.

Infographic Designed By Dr Michael Tam  


  1. Teeth is one of the brightest thing on your face when you smile for a photograph. It should be cleaned and maintained to keep up with the glow.

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