Thursday, October 27, 2016

Laser Treatments for Hair Removal

  Day after day, you have to keep your appointment in the bathroom. You know, the one with the razor blade. It doesn't matter how good a job you did yesterday, hair stubble greeted you once again today. If you've grown tired of that routine, then it's time to consider a laser treatment to remove the hair.

How do lasers remove hair?

First understand that cosmetic hair removal lasers are medical grade, meaning they are made to target and treat specific cells without harming the rest of the area. These lasers use a principle called photothermolysis to apply light energy to the skin. They target the pigment in hair follicles to heat them until the root structure is destroyed.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

A single treatment will remove all the hair in the treated area for at least several weeks. The hair that grows back in that area will be much finer than before the procedure was performed. Lasers are FDA approved for permanent hair reduction, but do not permanently remove hair. In other words, they reduce the amount of hair that grows back. Each subsequent treatment will reduce even more growth. An average of about five treatments will reduce growth by up to 90%.

What areas can be treated?
Laser hair removal is very popular for legs and the bikini area, especially during bikini season. Other areas that can be treated are back, chest, underarms, and some areas of the face like the chin. Although lasers of today are far safer than they were two decades ago, they still should not be used around the eyes.
Lasers for use at home
There are many personal lasers on the market these days for consumers to use at home. The advertisements make them sound just as good, if not better, than the ones used in cosmetic clinics. The problem is that they simply aren't as good as professional lasers. In order to be safe for the average consumer to use, they cannot be as powerful. They don't perform at the same level as the ones in the clinics.
Before you try to find laser hair removal machines for sale, stop and learn what that really entails. The lasers used in clinics are medical grade cosmetic devices and may only be operated by certified trained specialists and, in some states, people with medical backgrounds. There is also the cost factor to consider, since purchasing such a device will be far more expensive than even a dozen treatments at a clinic.
Getting the laser treatment
When you first go to the spa for a laser treatment, remember to get there a few minutes early as there will be medical forms to complete. During your appointment, the certified technician will apply a topical anaesthetic if you have a low pain tolerance. The laser machine will be applied to your skin, going back over areas a few times to completely cover the area. After the procedure is finished, the technician will give you follow-up care instructions. You can then return to your regular activities or work after the appointment.
Follow-up Care
It is essential that you follow the laser treatment with simple skin care. By doing so, you will get the most from your treatment and minimize irritations in the treated areas: 
Apply ice packs or cooling compresses if there is any redness or burning sensations 
Stay out of the sun. It is best if you avoid any exposure to the sun for at least a month or more. 
Do not rub or scratch at the skin in the treated area as you my irritate it or even cause an infection


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