Thursday, August 24, 2017

Perfume for your Hair- Kerabotanica

I like to think my hair always smells beautiful and fresh, but sadly that's not always the case. Especially after the gym and a case of sweaty hat head. (My hubby has this a Lot!) He will take off his hat and I swear his hair smells like a mixture of sweat and must. It's so gross. So no one benefited more then he did from receiving Kerabotanica Hair Fragrance.
Kerabotanica is not only an amazing smelling hair fragrance, it's a hair conditioner that leaves your locks hydrated and feeling fresh. Kerabotanica created 4 separate fragrances that I had the luxury of trying. Each one is completely different and has a unique smell.

My favorite scent is "Love is In The Hair"  which smells of White Mulberry and sunflowers. It gives off the scent of fresh crisp fruit and it was quickly my favorite smell. The best part about it is that it keeps your hair smelling fabulous all day long. It doesn't smell nice at first and then fade withini a hour, it lingers so hours later people are asking, "What is that amazing smell?" "What shampoo do you use?" It smells sooo good. If you're a female and you like fresh citrus flowery scents, this is the one I would choose. It sells for $22 on the Kerabotanica site.

My 2nd favorite, (and my husband's choice) is You Have Me At Hello which is fresh italian lemon, Mexican plumeria and Spanish mandarin. This is more of a perfume fragrance that lingers all day long and I can really smell the mandarin and lemon in this scent. This perfume appeared to give me a bit more shine and luster in my hair then the others. I love the catchy names for the different scents too. It also helped keep the frizz and flyaways down. It tames my hair almost as well as my hairspray, but with the combination of my hairspray and the hair fragrance, my hair didn't move an inch throughout the entire day. And after 3 hours, my hair still smelled fabulous.

Kerabotanica really helped maintain, hydrate and make my hair smell so freakin fabulous all day long. A couple spritz really lasts all day, and you don't have to keep spraying the bottle hour after hour to maintain the product's effectiveness..  Kerabotanica also sells Slay & Play, #FollowMe, Shore To Please Beach Girl and a few more. Truthfully, they are all extremely unique scents, and I wish you could reach right into the screen and take a sample of each bottle, but until the internet figures out how to do that, you will just have to take my word for it. Kerabotanica sells the hair fragrances at $22 for a 4 ounce bottle. Quite a deal when you think about how many products this is in one. ( Moisturizer, leave in conditioner, perfume, etc)

You can purchase this at Kerabotanica's website and local hair salons. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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