Thursday, July 11, 2019

5 Reasons Why Exercise Is Important

We care a great deal about beauty and looking your best here at Bella’s Beauty Spot. Our article today covers two things that go a long way to accentuating what’s already working for you: fitness and hydration.
We’ll be covering the importance of both to highlight your radiance and not have anything take away from it.

1.      Without Hydration, Your Body Suffers

Hydration is vitally important to the human body. While we may see the quality of your skin, look to improve it and cover over any blemishes with makeup, having enough water in your body ensures it will appear fresh and colorful.
Staying hydrated means drinking enough water to not feel thirsty because when you feel the thirst, you’re already well down on the right water level that your body needs. In fact, you can get into a bad hydration situation even when you’re only down by a very small amount. It doesn’t take much!
There are different ways to figure out when you’re low on water. Bear in mind that soda isn’t good for you and, like coffee, can act as a diuretic. This isn’t a good thing. The hotter the climate you’re in, the more water you should consume. Usually, that’s at least three liters a day, but it could be more if you’re in a hotter state like Texas or California. If you wish to get the lowdown on thirst and staying hydrated, read this post to help you out.

2.      Improved Skin Tone and Glow

When having too little water in your body, your face will look drained. It’s almost like you look sick that day. While makeup will hide some of that facial color change, your general skin tone will be different to normal too.
The body uses water throughout for basic functionality including in the muscles, cells, and skin (below and above the surface). This is why it’s so important to human existence. We cannot function without it. We know you care about beauty – but drinking enough ensures you look healthy and vibrant with (or without) cosmetics.

3.      Being Sedentary Delivers Poor Results

Being sedentary doesn’t feel great. Ignoring it works for a time but eventually, it catches up with you.
Maybe the pounds have started to come on and you’ve noticed your dresses getting tighter? Or, you’ve needed to go up a dress size and change your bras because they’ve become unbearably tight? These are both signs that it’s time to do something about it.
The thing with extra weight is that it creeps up on you. If you ignore its presence, the extra pounds will pile on because the behavior causing the weight gain hasn’t been addressed. What behavior? It could be overeating through snacking at work, consuming too many sodas, or eating at the wrong time of the day (late evening, mostly).

4.      Exercising Gives Your Body Vitality

While it takes a while for your body to adjust to increased activity levels, it will change when you ask it to do so. You just have to ask it nicely!
Seriously though, the trick with beginning to exercise is to first sit yourself down and consider your reasons why you’re going to do it. You need a big enough Why to push through when it gets tough. That time – it’ll happen – when you don’t want to go out for a 30-minute walk and prefer to graze with Netflix and some snacks. Or after you’ve jogged for 30 minutes, planned to go for 45 minutes and want to quit on yourself. Don’t do that.
Once you’ve figured out your Why, hold onto it. It’s your superpower. Remind yourself the reason for exercising each time you do it and when the going gets tough.
Understand, it may feel like a struggle when you first get back to doing something about your fitness. But you’ll feel good about yourself afterward. Your body will start to function in an improved way. And the endorphin rush will help overcome the sore muscles.

5.      Staying Hydrated Supports Exercise/Weight Loss Goals

The water you drink reaches your muscles. When you’re dehydrated, you feel it in your mouth, but it often leads to stiffness or cramps in your legs too. At that point, your day’s exercise is probably over.
With perspiration, your body will lose water faster as it overheats. Just exercise alone raises your body temperature to a point that this becomes a natural occurrence. Bring along a reusable water bottle to take periodic sips even when you’re not thirsty to avoid your body being affected by water loss.
We’ve connected drinking water and exercise together because they both go hand-in-hand. Each supports your long-term health in different ways but combined, they help you to stay slimmer, healthier and looking your best. While we talk a lot about cosmetics and beauty products in general on this blog, you still need a foundation of self-care to start from a healthy state.



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